09 – The Edge From a Constraint Device to the Cloud – Are We Ready to Deliver Applications to All Those Different Levels of Edge?

Posted on Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

Time for a new episode! What’s happening on the edge from a hardware point of view? That’s what we wanted to know from our guest, Michael Clegg, VP & GM 5G, Embedded/IOT at Supermicro. From him, we learn why we see such a big growth in private 5G networks and what requirements are necessary to fulfil the big promise of 5G’s low latency. Moving to a remote environment will be challenging and come with higher costs of access and unreliability of the network. How to manage such a complex virtualized network? Plus, an exciting outlook: will there be a battle over the best spot at the edge?

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Michael Clegg

Michael Clegg is the VP & GM for 5G, Embedded and IOT at Supermicro, a leading innovator in high-performance, high-efficiency converged server and IOT solutions. Prior to that he was COO for Morro Data, a provider of Cached Cloud File Storage-as-a-Service. Michael served as Advisor and Board Member of Amino Technologies, PLC. and full-time as EVP of Cloud Video Solutions and Services. Before that he was SVP and GM for NETGEAR’s Service Provider BU growing that business more than tenfold with a global customer base across Mobile, Cable, Telco and Home Monitoring, achieving number 1 market share in Wi-Fi gateways.


Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele is the CEO and co-founder of Kubermatic. Kubermatic is an enterprise software platform company that enables enterprises and service providers to deliver automated multi-cloud operations. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, an enterprise Kubernetes management platform, automates thousands of Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure on multi-cloud, on-prem and edge with unparalleled density and resilience. Sebastian is a CNCF Ambassador and has published several articles on Kubernetes in leading tech media.

Sascha Haase

Sascha Haase

Sascha Haase is VP Edge at Kubermatic. His career is focused on bringing value through the right technology and the right people. Prior to Kubermatic, he worked with the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform at different cloud service providers as well as built a company that continues to add value in its market. Sascha works and lives in Berlin.