07 – Will We Be Able to Operate Big Kubernetes Clusters With 1 Mio. Nodes on the Edge?

Posted on Thursday, Mar 4, 2021

It’s edge time again. In this episode, we speak with Jim White, CTO at IOTech Systems. Jim explains why visual inference with new Machine Learning technologies will be critical to a lot of use cases and what other exciting innovation topics he sees for edge and IoT. While being optimistic about bringing some of the cloud native technologies to the edge, Jim keeps a critical stance: getting solutions deployed at a massive scale will be difficult – can we take advantage of the lessons learned in cloud native environments to master the challenges? And beyond that, what does a rolling truck have to do with all that?

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Jim White

Jim has over 25 years of experience in software development for IoT Edge systems, enterprise application integration and mobile applications. Most recently, Jim was a Distinguished Engineer and Director of the IoT Platform Development Team within the IoT Solutions Division of Dell Technologies, where he was the chief architect for Dell’s largest open source effort to date, EdgeX Foundry™. Jim will continue to serve as Vice Chair of the EdgeX Technical Steering Committee. Prior to Dell, Jim was a partner at Intertech, specializing in Java and .NET application development. Jim is co-author of ‘Java2 Micro Edition: Java in Small Things’, a Lynda.com author, and a frequent conference speaker.


Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele

Sebastian Scheele is the CEO and co-founder of Kubermatic. Kubermatic is an enterprise software platform company that enables enterprises and service providers to deliver automated multi-cloud operations. Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform, an enterprise Kubernetes management platform, automates thousands of Kubernetes clusters across any infrastructure on multi-cloud, on-prem and edge with unparalleled density and resilience. Sebastian is a CNCF Ambassador and has published several articles on Kubernetes in leading tech media.

Sascha Haase

Sascha Haase

Sascha Haase is VP Edge at Kubermatic. His career is focused on bringing value through the right technology and the right people. Prior to Kubermatic, he worked with the Kubermatic Kubernetes Platform at different cloud service providers as well as built a company that continues to add value in its market. Sascha works and lives in Berlin.